We offer a wide range of material for Ceiling and Partition which incorporates Acoustic Mineral Fiber Board, PVC Overlaid Gypsum Board, Calcium Silicate Gypsum Board. The whole scope of Ceiling and Partition, we offer, is searing safe, rust safety, fire safe, heat safe and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The customers can benefit Ceiling and Partition from us in diverse details according to their individual needs.


GYPSUM BOARDS - A skin for the divider

Gypsum is the perfect surface for a divider in light of the fact that it has the same PH quality and warm conductivity properties as the human skin. Gypsum is made up of minerals, and is free of any materials that could adversely impact a feeling of prosperity. Gypsum is not hurtful to human skin: current prescription uses gypsum specifically on the skin to set broken bones; dental innovation utilizes gypsum for molds.

Feel the warmth

Building materials made of gypsum dependably feel warm when touched. This is no duplicity as gypsum has low warm conductivity properties. Subsequently, gypsum building materials store warmth inside a building.

Adjusted Atmosphere

The mystery of an adjusted room atmosphere lies fundamentally in adjusted dampness levels.

At the end of the day nature has given us an exceptionally powerful dampness administration framework in gypsum.

The gypsum can ingest a considerable measure of moistness through its open and crystalline pores and afterward naturally discharges this dampness when a room gets to be excessively dry. This acts as regularly as fundamental, and without expending vitality.

Mineral Fiber Board

Mineral fiber roof board is a sort of high-review development adornment material which has so much execution, sound ingestion, flame resistant, warm protection, mold-evidence, droop safe, vitality sparing, ecological assurance. it is generally utilized as a part of indoor roofs in airplane terminals, corporate business locales, restaurants, lodgings, petrol pumps and so forth