CME Corporation (S) Pte Ltd is a leading flooring supplier providing vinyl flooring and carpet to home owners and commercial buildings.


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Vinyl Flooring (Sheet)

Vinyl Sheet Flooring are suitable in health services, kindergartens and laboratories. Rooms with specific requirements, among others, the conductive flooring - Elektra 43, static dissipative – Centra 43, non-slip floor covering – Rondo 42 and sports floor covering – Sport.

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FlooriaLuxe Vinyl Wood Plank

Our Vinyl Wood Plank from Korea has anti-bacteria properties, slip resistance and provides a wood feel flooring at a fraction of Parquet costs. Our Vinyl Wood Plank suits places such as Retail Shops, Residential, Restaurants, Offices, Hotels and Child Care Centre.

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Carpet Tiles & Broadloom

Our Carpet range provides a comfortable cushion to our feet and reduce noise from walking suit Offices, Retail Shops and Boutiques. They are also anti-bacteria and stain resistance. Carpet is popular as it is easy to maintain and easy to replace in the event they are damaged.


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